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Marina is about to tell her father about their plans to elope, but Mallet stops her which leads to an argument about expressing their love. Frank reveals Buzz's plans to open up Company to anyone on Thanksgiving.

Expecting Coop to be making the food delivery she ordered, Beth shocks Buzz by greeting him only in her negligee. She bursts into tears as she confesses she can't hide this anymore.

Hearing that Buzz made the delivery, Coop rushes to see Beth as she admits her affair to Buzz.

Appreciating how lonely a teary-eyed Beth's been, Buzz warns her to make sure Alan doesn't find out the mystery man she's bedding.

Back at Company and after a few drinks, Buzz, Frank and Mallet talk about relationships.

When Marina arrives, she's shocked when Mallet stands on a table and announces that he loves her.

Beth warns Coop that Alan is back "with a vengeance."

Lizzie is thrilled when her attorney gets the jacket thrown out as evidence. But when she gives her grandfather the good news, Alan warns her the jury may become suspicious if they suspect evidence is being withheld.

Finding Doris doing a press conference about today's grand jury hearing, Lizzie accuses her of trying to railroad her partner and demands to know why she's not allowing her to testify.

Doris claims she doesn't need the coat to prosecute Bill.

When Lizzie asks what she would do if it was Ashlee who had been kidnaped, Doris insists she would act the same way.

Later, after Alan meets Doris in a closed-door meeting, he gives Lizzie the news that she will allow her to testify.

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