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Lizzie arrives at the station house to testify before the grand jury. Alan urges her to forget about it but she insists on protecting Bill.

Alan pays off the bailiff and opens an upstairs door to watch and listen.

Lizzie goes on and on about Bill's innocence but is taken aback when Doris brings out the coat found in Bill's room.

Shaken, Lizzie leaves and complains to Alan.

Doris later congratulates Alan on getting the coat reintroduced as evidence.

Back in Bill's room, Lizzie is devastated when she hears the TV news report that Bill has been indicted for kidnaping, fraud and assault and faces 20 years in prison.

Jeffrey tries to convince Reva that she must deal with her recurrence of cancer. She argues that he doesn't know what it means to be a mother but he worries he'll lose her and the baby.

Jeffrey suggests there might be a way to do both and reunites her with Dr. Colin McCabe who promises to treat her and her baby.

Josh gets an email from Shayne that reveals he won't be home for Thanksgiving.

When he runs into them as they leave Colin's office, Reva downplays the doctor visit.

Hearing Shayne's not coming home, Reva stews back at the cottage and eventually announces to Jeffrey she won't do the chemo.

He invites him upstairs with her but he decides to stay downstairs.

Though Christina admits it was nice being married to him, she's outraged when she discovers Remy still has the annulment papers and today is the deadline for them.

He insists it was an accident but she hurries him and the papers to city hall.

There, they find Mr. Perkins is gone for the day so they track him to Towers where Christina makes an impassioned and successful speech for his help.

Matt invites Blake and her daughter to join him for Thanksgiving dinner.

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