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Daisy confides to Ashlee that she's working undercover. Bill reads the ransom note and shows it to Alan.

Stopping him, Bill guesses that it's a fake and points out that her clothes are gone too.

But when Bill spots Roxie at the mansion, Alan convinces him she's been kidnapped. He tells Beth who worries about keeping other family members safe.

Finding her magazine missing various cutout letters, Dinah confronts Grady who shows her the next letter he intends to sell.

She blasts him for asking only for $50,000.

Ashlee spots them kissing and calls Daisy to let her know.

Hurt, Daisy surprises Grady by announcing that he's under arrest. Grady is shocked at first and then relieved to see it's her.

She asks him about Dinah but Grady claims he's just working for her.

Daisy hands him back the key he gave her and suggests he give it to Dinah. Just then, Daisy hears a noise, unaware it's from a captive Lizzie, banging a broom against a pipe.

Grady rudely gets Daisy to leave and then runs to a captive Lizzie and grabs the broom. As she distracts him by talking about love, Grady unknowingly drops the key in her lap.

Bill shows his sister the ransom note and accepts her support, apologizing for taking things out on her these past few weeks.

She convinces him not to call the police and, when she gets a chance, adds two zeroes so that the second note demands $5 million.

While Grady is thrilled by her success, Dinah claims she just wants her brother back. After showing Alan and Beth the note, Bill calls Dinah to come back to the mansion.

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