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Remy brings smoke alarms and batteries for a fire safety tour he's giving with Clarissa and Maureen. Blindfolded Lizzie is thrilled to hear Bill's voice on the cellphone Dinah dropped nearby.

Bill promises to find her by taking his phone to the police station. She describes the place she's in, mentions a white van and claims that there might have been two people responsible for holding her.

Ordering him to get rid of the van and stay away from her, Dinah warns Grady to come up with an alibi. He asks what happened but all she'll say is that the police will be there soon.

After she runs off, Grady slips back into the building and smashes the phone as Lizzie cries out. At the station house, the police are unable to trace the cellphone that dialed Bill's so he grabs a bottle and starts drinking.

Dinah warns Billy and Vanessa about Bill and mentions his recent arrest. After Frank calls Vanessa about Bill talking with Lizzie, Dinah feigns relief but then is concerned that she hasn't been found yet.

When Natalia brings Olivia flowers and a good report about how well her pacemaker is working, Olivia insists that she get her out of the hospital so she can do the video conference for Larry today as planned.

Told his mother is coming for a visit, Rafe worries about her reaction to his latest black eye and his arm in a sling.

He calls her and insists that she cancel today's visit.

Natalia then asks Daisy to go to see her son. After Daisy worries about his bruises, Rafe asks her not to tell his mother. Billy finds Bill drinking and chastises his son for giving up.

Bill snaps out of it and, by tossing his bottle away, he manages to find the white van Lizzie told him about.

Following a trail of leaking steering fluid, Bill spots the masked Grady leave the garage and knocks him out. Bill enters and finds a relieved Lizzie.

Outside, Grady comes to in a lot of pain and takes a call from Daisy. She claims she has something important to tell him but he's more interested in hearing what's going on with Lizzie and hangs up on her.

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