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R.J. gets a ride to school. Cyrus announces to Cassie that she doesn't trust him. Mallet is impressed when Rafe explains he's taking the deal.

Daisy meets Natalia outside the courthouse and reassures her that she has been a good mother to Rafe.

Natalia claims it was Harley who was able to help Rafe when he needed it but Daisy claims she doesn't know if Harley did the right thing.

When the sentencing hearing begins, the judge reports he has a letter from Jeffrey asking for leniency.

Mallet and Frank testify on Rafe's behalf.

The judge sentences Rafe to two years.

Excited about the mother and daughter photo session set up for her and Emma today, Olivia is startled when Buzz mentions Rafe's sentence.

Running into Natalia, Frank and Daisy, Emma tells Natalia sorry offers to draw pictures for Rafe.

Leaving for her session, Olivia whispers to Natalia she is sorry. Helping her to clean up the cottage Gus left her, Natalia shows Frank a calendar she will mark off each day until she is reunited with her son.

Rafe is pleased when she sends him a calendar for him to use. Josh calls Cassie to report that he's having trouble getting back into the states because his name is on a list.

He asks her to find Ambassador Compton at a party tonight at the Towers to seek his help. She asks Cyrus to be her date and both are thrown to find each has dressed up for the occasion.

At the Towers, a security guard warns that they don't belong there.

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