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Lillian warns Lizzie that Alan's having a hard time in surgery.

Dinah defends what she did, insisting that she worked her butt off.

Pointing out a true sister wouldn't have done this to a brother, Bill claims that she doesn't know how to love.

He orders Dinah to get out and she warns that he's just made himself an enemy. Later, Bill advises Lizzie that Dinah is gone.

She kisses him passionately but he puts off going further because he will not allow her to spoil his dreams.

Later, Lizzie advises Bill that Dinah made a mistake with the transfer of the mansion so it legally belongs to the family.

As today's Guiding Light drama reaches another level, she offers to allow a stunned Bill to stay there with her.

Accusing him of trashing the outside of Harley's place, Cyrus warns his brother to stay away from Cassie.

Hearing a noise as she folds clothes, Cassie vows to protect herself and takes out a hand gun.

Telling Cyrus what Grady did to Rafe, Daisy claims that she is done with his brother and asks for his help to keep him away from her.

Mallet and Marina find Grady at Harley's. Mallet tells the thug that they want him to leave.

Seeing her in the upstairs window, Grady calls out for Daisy so Marina threatens to use her pepper spray if he doesn't go.

Mallet finally forces him to leave. Grady stops by Cassie's and finds his brother there.

Cyrus orders him to get out and warns that Cassie has a handgun.

After he leaves, Cyrus assures Cassie he'll take his brother to Europe to keep her and Daisy safe.

Looking for Cyrus to be her business partner again, Dinah walks into the house but finds a towel-clad Grady instead.

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