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Daisy asks Natalia to put in a good word for her.

Natalia admits that Rafe was sent to the state prison and urges her to go see her son.

Natalia complains to Frank about how expensive Rafe's attorney is. He offers to work with Buzz on putting together a legal defense fund.

Lawrence Decker introduces himself to Olivia and asks her to be the face of Galaxy but she turns down the offer.

At the prison Daisy quickly notices Rafe's black eye but he insists he's fine. Tossing his wallet at his mugger, a stubborn Bill warns he'll cancel the credit cards in a few minutes.

A masked Grady pulls out a nightstick and takes a swing at his target.

Blasting Olivia for keeping his letters and cards from Ava, Remy tells her that the doctors reported that she may be ready to be released and could be home by tomorrow afternoon.

After revealing that she intends to teach Bill a lesson, Dinah tells Lizzie that her brother shut her out from her bank accounts.

Lizzie offers her cash but Dinah won't take it.

Lizzie spots Bill being hit in the leg and scares away Grady.

She tries to tend to his injury but he refuses her help because she betrayed him when she bought half the company.

Dinah finds him limping as does Grady who offers his help.

Bill refuses and, as Grady smiles at her, Dinah realizes he's to blame. Grady claims he was trying to help.

Bill promises Dinah he's going to get back everything Lizzie took from him. At the hospital Beth warns Lizzie that there is no change in Alan's condition.

An exasperated Lizzie discovers that Bill arranged for the "companion room" next to Alan's.

But when she stops by to thank him, she finds him with Susie, unaware she's his new and attractive physical therapist.

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