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Lizzie finds Bill preventing Alan from attending his meeting. He has two burly men remove him from the corridor.

When someone emerges asking for "Spaulding," Lizzie decides to take the meeting herself.

Later, Lizzie returns to the hotel room to find Alan and Bill arguing. As she thanks Bill, Alan collapses.

After Josh learns that Jeffrey is getting married today, Billy goads him into stopping the wedding and offers him a plan to make that happen.

Josh turns him down at first and then agrees to the "kidnaping" plan. Buzz assigns, Frank, Coop, Marina, Mallet and Daisy to get to work helping prepare for the big party.

Reva decides that she can't tell Jeffrey about the mass she found earlier but Lillian urges her to be honest and tell him right away.

Reva finds Jeffrey at the courthouse and confesses that her cancer may be back. Jeffrey embraces her and when she offers to postpone the wedding, he won't allow it.

Later, Josh boasts to Jeffrey about his plan to take Reva before she could marry him and insists that Jeffrey knows that Reva should be marrying him. Jeffrey tries to leave but Josh jumps him causing Jeffrey to warn how dangerous he can be. Josh continues to fight him.

Back at Cedar's, Rick examines Alan and announces that he needs an operation but Alan refuses to go under the knife because he doesn't want to stop seeing Gus.

Lizzie urges him to fight to stay alive but he reminds her that he once told her that she's the future of Spaulding.

Rick calls Reva about her test results but she decides to call him back after the wedding.

After Bill laughs about the failed Blackthorn meeting, Lizzie reveals that she was there and boasts that by the end of the day, she should own 49 percent of Bill's company.

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