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Refusing to allow him to set fire to the Spaulding mansion, Dinah instructs Grady to get Lizzie into bed to ruin her and Bill's relationship.

She takes him out to buy some new clothes to aid her plan.

Worried when her neighbor enters her barn to borrow her tractor, Cassie seeks Cyrus' help but eventually solves her own problem by distracting Harris while Cyrus tries to remove the sound equipment.

The trick works but Harris catches Cyrus with Cassie and guesses Cassie is dating him. Cyrus confirms it though Cassie's embarrassed.

Mallet and Marina catch Daisy using the police computer to bring up the rap sheet on Grady. She claims she was just reminding herself how bad he is for her.

Amused by how happy he is checking on the baby boy he delivered, Mel warns Remy that their father now wants him to go to medical school.

They stop by Harley's house and catch Mallet and Marina in an almost-compromising position. Clayton calls Mel and she reports that their parents want to buy the house for Remy and Mel.

Later at the station house, Marina decides to call Harley and tell her to accept the Boudreaux offer so she can be done with this.

Finding her friend is still hung up on Grady, Ashlee lectures her about how bad the guy is. But when they arrive at the Towers, Daisy can't take her eyes off Grady now wearing a new suit and hoping to run into Lizzie.

Though he claims he's got a job, Ashlee doesn't believe him while Daisy can't take her eyes off him.

Daisy follows him back to the Beacon but is put off when she and Ashlee hear Grady in a room with another woman.

Daisy returns to the Towers where she turns in a man who offers to buy her a drink using a fake ID.

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Guiding Light
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