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Dinah instructs Grady to meet Lizzie at the Towers. Rick tells Lizzie and Beth that Alan needs to see a psychiatrist.

Lizzie doesn't believe him when Bill claims Alan is faking it.

Coop can't believe it when Frank suggests that Marina's relationship with Mallet isn't that serious.

Beth interrupts and is amused to find both men flirting with her.

When she compliments them and then takes off, Coop warns him about trying to date her. Admitting she's heard about Alan's condition, Dinah advises her brother to tip off the shareholders about Alan's condition.

With Lizzie, Bill arranges for Susie to meet him for their "date." Finding his mother measuring inside Harley's house, Remy tells Felicia he's not interested in living there.

Felicia later gets Mel to confirm that she doesn't want the house either. Mel asks her mother to get Clayton to back off from trying to run their lives for them.

Clayton does so Remy decides to fill out the MedCAT application. As Trey the drug dealer threatens to shoot Daisy, Mallet faces off with Marina and professes his love.

With Trey distracted, Daisy uses a key to jab the gunman's leg.

Mallet jumps the thug and handcuffs him.

At the station house Frank lays into Marina and Mallet for allowing Daisy to be the "bait" for the drug dealer. The two cops insist that Daisy did great and could be an asset to the Springfield police force.

After striking out with Lizzie at the Towers, Grady's curious when he sees a TV report on Daisy's success in helping to arrest the drug dealer.

He hurries to the station house where Daisy insists she was never in danger. Getting a moment with Trey, Grady whispers a threat to him.

At Company Marina asks Mallet if he meant his confession of love.

He laughs that he'll never tell. Grady's surprised when Lizzie accepts his drink offer.

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