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Reva stops by Company and asks Buzz to start pouring her drinks.

Jeffrey is astounded when the doctor announces Reva is pregnant.

Billy runs into him and asks if reva is okay but Jeffrey doesn't answer as he walks away.

Jeffrey arrives at Company in time to stop Reva from having her first drink.

When she asks how long she has, he answers that she has nine months.

Relieved there is no cancer and astounded by the idea she's pregnant, Reva reminds him she's in menopause and the two return to her doctor.

Told she's three months pregnant, thanks to her medication, the doctor warns that she'll have to go off her cancer medication if she's going to keep the baby and urges them to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Later, Reva insists to Jeffrey that they're going on their honeymoon.

As Cassie gets R.J. ready for his first day of school, Cyrus shows up to fix some shutters but she insists she doesn't want his help.

Later, Cassie finds Buzz upset at work and he reveals that not only is Harley staying in Greece, she's also found a new man in her life.

Cassie returns home to find Cyrus working and tells him about Harley and that she is bringing her boys to Greece to join her.

Upset to hear Buzz thinks she has a new guy in her life, Cyrus walks out.

While she's busy buying him some ice cream, Grady answers Daisy's cellphone and is thrilled to give Rafe a hard time.

He then lies to Daisy that it was a wrong number calling. Buzz interrupts them kissing and gives Daisy the sad news about her mother.

Grady overhears her telling Buzz she wants to get in to talk with Rafe to find out what her mother is thinking.

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