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Hearing that Harley's not coming back, Marina and Mallet offer to help get her house ready for a realtor.

Dinah advises Alexandra that she is ending their arrangement and regrets not trusting Bill.

She's stunned when Alexandra reveals that Lizzie owns 49 percent of the company.

Urging Alan to have the procedure for the sake of their baby, Beth explains that she has to find a new place to live because Harley is selling her house.

Refusing to believe that a clot in his brain is causing the visions of Gus, Alan successfully slips out of the hospital.

Later, Marina apologizes to Beth for kicking her out. Lizzie overhears Bill on the phone telling someone that he needs to get Lizzie out of the company.

He argues with Lizzie about her involvement but then Bill embraces her as she worries about her grandfather.

Grateful to Frank for keeping Rafe in jail and not prison, Natalia pays her son a visit. Both are pleased when Alan shows at the jail.

Alan tells Rafe about the clot in his brain and Rafe is upset his mother chose not to tell him.

When Bill claims that he's going to oust Lizzie from the company because he doesn't trust her, Dinah offers to use the TV station to help him fight her.

Lizzie meets up with Alan later and he explains that he doesn't want to give up his "relationship" with Gus.

But when he starts feeling bad, she offers to take him back to the hospital.

Dinah and Bill offer their support to Lizzie as Alan is prepared for surgery.

Alan insists that Rick not be anywhere near him during the operation.

Dinah secretly advises Alan that their partnership is over but Bill is suspicious when he sees her with him.

Tossing one last impromptu Cooper poker party at Harley's, Frank welcomes a pleased Natalia to the house but upsets her with the news that Rafe is being transferred to prison.

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