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Frank stares in disbelief as Natalia confesses he's the father. She explains that she wants to be with Olivia but needs his help.

Though he doesn't think that's best for the baby, Frank asks for time to consider this. A towel-clad Josh pushes Olivia back as she frantically kisses him.

Calming down, Olivia confesses that she's actually in love with Natalia and updates him on what happened to their relationship.

When she comes on to him again, Josh states that she doesn't really want to do this but does suggest that he'll be her friend.

Later, Olivia confronts Frank and though he claims that Natalia loves her, Olivia urges him to be with Natalia. In front of Ashlee, Rafe advises Daisy that he knows about her and James.

Admitting he had a talk with the guy, Rafe claims that he knows he wouldn't hurt her. Daisy and Ashlee are very concerned when they stop by Reva's place and find the inside covered with photos of Jeffrey.

Reunited with his mother and pointing out that he never had a dad until it was too late, Rafe works hard to push his mother to be with Frank so their baby can have a dad.

After talking with her about their situation, Frank brings Natalia to Buzz, Blake and Marina at Company and announces that she's having his baby.

Crying, Reva asks Josh for help because she's in pain. Admitting he's still madly in love with her, Josh tells Reva he can't help her.

Rafe orders Olivia to stay away from his mother but Olivia reveals that it was she who asked Natalia to stay away from her.

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