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Shayne eyes annulment papers as Phillip confides to Ed that he realizes it's time to tell his family he's dying. Ed assures him he still has a few weeks left.

Later, advising him that Phillip's going to "spill it," Ed asks Alan to be there to help. Alan assures him everyone will be fine and downplays his concern, boasting that there is nothing he can do about Phillip.

Later, Phillip's upset when Alan refuses to cancel his plans with James so he can spend time with him. In the park, Alan spots James kissing Daisy.

Unaware Reva has been busy collecting the photos to put them away, Daisy advises Reva that she and Ashlee saw the inside of her house and all the photos of Jeffrey. Embracing her, Reva assures her that she is okay.

After he leaves his post outside Reva's house, Josh stops by Company where Beth informs him about Shayne's annulment papers.

Josh calls it a good thing.

Shayne advises Marina that he's taken her advice to heart and wants to be a good example for Henry. He also leaks that he filed for an annulment today. As he talks to Henry about always being there for him, Mallet secretly watches.

When Mallet finally comes downstairs, Shayne thanks him for all he did yesterday. Reva is thrilled to find Jonathan inside her place.

Warning it's still not safe, Jonathan explains why he didn't bring Sarah. He later calls Jeffrey to report that Reva is okay. When Shayne arrives, he mistakes Jonathan for Edmund and punches him.

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