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Frank assures Natalia he will help raise the baby. Ashlee proudly says she is done with the manuscript. Blake assigns her to go to Buzz and ask him some questions.

Ashlee hesitates but Blake insists this will help Buzz and Company's financial shape. Shayne attacks Jonathan after finding the stranger in Reva's house.

Reva stops them and reveals that Jonathan is his brother.

Shayne finds it curious that Jonathan suddenly appears for the first time in two years. Jeffrey calls Jonathan to report he's leaving the house.

Overhearing him on the phone, Shayne later asks Jonathan how Edmund is.

Olivia chastises Blake for failing to tell her that Natalia left town after she found out she was pregnant. Blake insists this is Natalia's life, not Olivia's.

After their date, an amused Vanessa won't let Billy kiss her goodnight. Mel brings Cyrus cookies in honor of his birthday and he thanks her with a kiss.

Though she claims she must be going, he invites her in where they kiss some more. She asks him about the dogtag he's wearing and though he admits it has his mother's birth date on it, he won't say anything else about her.

She decides she really must leave.

Later, Cyrus makes a reservation to fly back to Australia.

Though he hints to Buzz he's not interested, Frank is quick to take a peek when he receives an online chat request. As he types how awkward this is, Blake lies on her bed and reads his response, both unaware who they are chatting with.

Offering to accompany her to her checkups, Frank suggests to Olivia that they draw up legal papers about their baby. Natalia surprises Olivia with cookies and confesses how much she loves her but Olivia doesn't believe anything she says. Natalia promises she'll someday prove her love.

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