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Answering Phillip's cell, Alan listens to Ed admit Phillip is dying. Ed pushes "Phillip" to tell his family the truth.

He hangs up as Phillip returns to the hotel room.

While Phillip admits how proud of him he is for meeting the mom and son earlier, Alan reveals that he knows that he's dying.

He mentions the call from Ed and asks what he can do to save his life.

Phillip quietly claims there is nothing he can do and that he only has months left to live. Alan rages at him, calling him selfish. Unrolling an air mattress in their fixer-upper house, Bill tells Lizzie it's their new bed but because of a hole or two, he's unable to get it filled.

After he warns her about the condition of the basement, Lizzie suggests that they can live somewhere else while they rehab their house.

Matt accompanies Beth as she brings supplies to her daughter.

He offers his construction expertise to the newlyweds.

Mallet doesn't believe her at first when Dinah confesses that she is the person who killed the "John Doe."

He accuses her of trying to protect Marina but she claims that Edmund told her he was going after Marina and Henry.

Crying about protecting the baby, Dinah adds that she saw the stroller nearby and used it. Mallet claims it doesn't matter because everyone thinks that Jeffrey was the killer.

As they talk, Shayne finds his wife and Mallet wishes them well.

Back at home, Mallet tells Marina that he was wrong and should have trusted her. He promises to make it up to her.

Marina guesses he changed his mind after talking with Dinah. Later, after Frank admits he overheard Dinah confessing, Mallet calls Dinah and warns that Frank knows.

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