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Mallet is uncomfortable when Marina guesses they're getting closer to being approved to adopt. Mrs. Stambler calls looking for Mallet's application.

Marina is confused and cries to her father about what to do.

Realizing he's hiding his past involvement with Griggs, Frank somberly tells her to talk to her husband. Frank throws his case containing his assassin's gun into lake but then jumps in to retrieve it.

He later confesses his secret past to Marina.

Reporting that she got into Johns Hopkins Medical school and she didn't even apply, Christina guesses that he was responsible for her "luck" and wonders if he's even going to medical school.

Frustrated with her, Remy tells her to take the offer.

She's upset later to meet the woman whose baby "Remy" helped deliver and learns that he's been to the woman's house. Remy assures her that she's a married woman.

As she argues at the Bauer cabin with Reva about whether she is good for Shayne, Dinah collapses. Reva plugs the phone in but when the line is dead, she sets off the security alarm.

When Jeffrey and Josh hear Frank handling a call about the alarm at the Bauer cabin, they guess Reva's there and hurry to find her.

Jeffrey offers to take Dinah to the hospital.

After Shayne reads Lara's letter, Edmund reveals that he never told his daughter that he knew him.

Suggesting it's the best way for both of them to learn about her, Edmund keeps Shayne talking about his daughter and eventually asks if he knows how she died.

Before he can answer, Reva and Josh arrive and tell him about Dinah. At the hospital, the doctor explains Dinah collapsed due to a loss of blood from her head injury.

Dinah warns Shayne about telling Edmund everything about Lara.

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