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Mallet runs down a list of adoption agencies. He decides to call the next on the list about answering any other questions for them.

Finding him in the classroom where his son taught, Clarissa and Maureen explain to Buzz that their teacher asked them to write about Coop.

Specifically, what Coop meant to them.

Later, Buzz confides to Lillian that he always saw Jenna in Coop and now that he's lost them both, he doesn't know if he can go on.

When Frank worries that Alan will shut down Company because of her affair with Coop, Beth assures him that he won't but tells him to let her know if something happens with the lease.

Lizzie announces to her grandfather that she will be attending Coop's memorial service today.

He chastises her but she won't change her mind.

Facing Phillip in jail, Alan explains that he wants him to know that he had nothing to do with Coop's accident and death.

Though he boasts that Phillip's rescuing of Coop was a selfless act of heroism, Alan claims that Coop publicly embarrassed him.

He also badmouths the family and claims they always blame the Spauldings for their troubles. The guard finally insists that Alan leave.

Buzz hesitates before entering the funeral home for today's service.

Before they enter, Daisy announces to Grady that she doesn't want him at the service. He points out that she's putting her family before him and walks away. As Josh welcomes everyone, Beth is the first to speak.

During the service, Mallet gets a call from the adoption agency and it's bad news. Frank addresses the family and friends and gets some assistance from Marina.

Ashlee is next and calls Coop her hero followed by Buzz who urges everyone to protect their loved ones. Jeffrey escorts Reva to her final chemotherapy session.

When Lizzie decides to say a few words, Alan arrives and denies that his family has done anything wrong.

He claims the people here are responsible for Coop's death. Phillip tells his lawyer he'll do what the D.A. wants but wants something in return. He later arrives at the funeral home with a cop by his side.

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