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Alan refuses to leave the funeral home and blames everyone else for Coop's death. Phillip grabs a gun and fires a shot.

He apologizes for shooting the weapon but complains about the relentless noise. Marina takes him outside where she lectures him about his actions.

Rick confides to Josh that he doesn't know if Phillip would have hurt anyone. Olivia advises Natalia that if she had the chance, she would have grabbed that gun and shot Phillip. Buzz insists they bring Phillip back in to say what he came to say.

Phillip addresses the crowd and announces that it is time for everyone to stop all this useless fighting.

Unimpressed and still outraged by what's happened to his son, outside the funeral home, Buzz warns his family that they know what they must do.

Alan emerges in time to hear the veiled threat and announces that he is taking Phillip's advice and giving Company back to Buzz.

Surprisingly, Buzz announces that he doesn't want the restaurant anymore and will be moving out today. Lizzie is uncomfortable when she runs into her father in a casket viewing room.

Phillip claims he made the deal with the DA so he would have a chance to talk with her. He insists that they are alike but before he can go further, Frank and Mallet grab him.

Later at the mansion, Alan promises Lizzie that he'll protect her but she starts to comment it's the same thing Phillip promised her.

Ashlee confides to Daisy that she likes Grady and can't stop thinking about him. Marina invites Buzz and Frank to move in with her and Mallet.

Daisy advises Ashlee that she and Grady are moving out.

After worrying to Natalia that Phillip might use the rumors about them to take Emma from her, Olivia confronts Phillip behind bars and asks why he is here.

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