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Christina stuns Remy with the news that she turned down the married persons scholarship. The two meet with the representative at Mallet and Marina's place.

In trying to convince him to give the money to someone more deserving, they end up convincing him that they are the perfect couple for it.

Christina assures Remy that she doesn't expect him to move with her but he claims he always wanted to marry a doctor.

Refusing to let her go, Alan viciously grabs Beth's arms and lashes out at her for having an affair with Lizzie's ex-boyfriend and making him a laughing stock.

Finally releasing her, Alan grabs a brandy and then announces that she is going to marry him. Astounded, she asks if he didn't learn anything from Tammy's death.

A menacing Alan claims he learned to hire the right people and warns that Coop will suffer if she won't marry him.

As Buzz congratulates Coop on his success today at the Towers, Coop points out how much the woman on the cover of his new book looks like Beth.

Charlotte Davidson approaches and announces that Stanford University wants Coop as their next "artist-in-residence."

Seeing this as a way for them both to get away from Alan, Coop meets Beth and gives her the good news. She decides that she doesn't want to go.

When Alan strolls into Company, Buzz realizes that he knows about Beth and Coop's affair. Alan offers to turn Company into a national chain of restaurants if Buzz will convince Coop to go to Stanford by himself.

Buzz angrily rejects any kind of deal. Later, Buzz confirms to Coop that Alan knows. Beth tells Alan that "it's done."

Olivia blasts Doris for her press conference and insists that she and Natalia are not lesbians. But as she promotes her relationship with Natalia, Doris guesses she's fooling herself.

Natalia's second date with Frank is interupted by a call from Emma's school regarding her disappearance. She and Frank find her at the store and learns she left because her friend Derek can't be friends with her anymore, thanks to his mom.

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