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Bill asks Cyrus where Lizzie is but won't help. He hears Cyrus' "dog tags" jangling and remembers that sound while fighting the kidnapper.

Bill guesses to his father that it was Cyrus who kidnaped Lizzie.

Billy offers his help crashing the wedding and douses Bill's clothes with alcohol so people think he's drunk.

After Buzz locks him inside the basement at Mallet and Marina's place, Coop grabs a nearby gun and manages to escape but then can't start his car.

Shouting that the wedding won't happen, Coop starts running. Buzz imagines being with Jenna after all these years.

His vision of her announces that she's here to tell him that he's being a jerk. Buzz finds Coop and apologizes for locking him in the basement.

Coop responds with a punch. Buzz tells him to go get Beth and bring her back to Company. Rick's astounded when Alan asks him to be his best man.

Though Alan claims that this is Beth's idea, Rick guesses that he was the last to know about Beth's affair but then promises to be there.

Astounded to find her mother packing up her law books, Lizzie learns about the wedding.

Beth insists it's what she wants but Lizzie figures out Alan found out about her affair and runs to confront him.

When she wonders why he just can't let her mother be happy, Alan defends his actions and later, forces Beth to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Cyrus advises Lizzie that from now on, Bill will have to go through him first to talk with her.

He then kisses her passionately and offers to escort her to today's wedding. At the church, Lizzie runs into Bill and assumes that he's drunk.

Realizing Bill called Beth, Alan calls him and tells Coop that he's too late because the wedding is over.

Upset, Coop crashes the car and sits behind the wheel, unconscious and bleeding. Philip emerges from the nearby woods.

Meanwhile, Beth realizes what Alan has done and tells him that she won't go through with the wedding.

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