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Remy lies that he threw away the financial papers and is mailing divorce papers today. Shayne eyes his notebook with a drawing of a candle on the date of January 12.

Armed with all sorts of books, Josh boasts to Shayne that he wants him to find a solution to his disability. Showing him the medal he found, Josh accuses him of giving up on life.

Christina and Remy interrupt and Remy suggests Christina take over Shayne's rehabilitation and get him walking again.

Shayne jumps at the offer and later, Josh thanks Remy for following through with their plan and offers advice about marriage.

Meanwhile, as Christina takes him through his paces, Shayne tells her that he knows his dad put her up to this. She pushes him to agree to a 2nd session on Thursday.

Though Dr. Wenkel points out it's unethical, Alan offers to fund his entire operation if he'll keep Bill from remembering anything about the kidnaping.

The doctor refuses but as he begins his first session with Bill and Lizzie, Alan secretly listens, thanks to an electronic bug.

The doctor instructs Lizzie to sit close to Bill as he begins but afterwards, Lizzie's disappointed that Bill was unable to remember anything.

Still hypnotized, Bill becomes upset so the doctor brings him out of his trance and claims that his missing memories are "buried too deep."

Lizzie advises Bill that she needs time to think what she's going to do. Bill decides not to sign the buyout papers at this time.

Ordering it brought back down from the attic, Alan shows Lizzie the model Philip built and suggests that she can make this a reality for Springfield. Bill watches sadly as Alan puts his arm around her.

Rick makes a house call and pronounces Olivia healthy so she can move out of the farmhouse. When Rick guesses, Olivia confirms his wrong guess and pretends that she doesn't like living there.

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