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Talking about kids and the ramifications of adoption and in vitro fertilization, Mel explains to Mallet that he and Marina will have a child. Beth slips up to Coop's room where she calls him her good luck piece.

The two then start kissing but then she explains why they can't have sex which upsets him.

Arguing about Alan, she denies arranging for him to buy Company to help out Buzz because she feels guilty.

Buzz advises Marina that the bank turned him down.

She tells him about the bad news from the fertility doctor and then is stunned when Buzz reveals that Coop and Beth are having an affair.

Tossing his manuscript on the bar, Coop tells Buzz to burn his new novel, calling it worthless.

Stopping by for coffee, Blake reads the first few pages and secretly takes it, later offering it to her publisher as a true life love story.

Marina leaks to Mallet about Coop and Beth doing the "horizontal hula."

He then admits he'd like them to try artificial insemination but she isn't interested.

Dinah shows Jeffrey the photo she took from Shayne's possessions at the station house and he reluctantly agrees to find out who the pictured woman is.

Thrown into the cell next to him, Reva tells Shayne that she was arrested for assaulting cop but he thinks Marina sold him out.

When Josh shows up and lays into them both, Mallet ends up locking him in with Shayne. Hearing what she did, Shayne lashes out at Dinah for interfering in his life.

Later, Jeffrey shows Reva and Josh the photo of Shayne's mystery woman with the word "deceased" stamped over it, just as Shayne and Dinah arrive.

Alan invites Beth to go over the papers for the purchase of Company with Coop. Lizzie is disgusted to see her mother kiss Coop.

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