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Staring at the document Jeffrey handed to Reva, Shayne explains that the pictured woman's name was Lara. He says he would give anything to have said goodbye.

When Josh asks if she died from the same explosion that put him in a wheelchair, Shayne rolls out of the room.

Reva chases after Dinah and blames her for the pain her son's in but Dinah suggests Reva needs to look at how she's treated her own son.

Changing her mind, Reva finds Jeffrey with Josh and Buzz and announces that this is now Jeffrey's fault.

Josh defends Jeffrey and warns that Shayne needs their help.

Frustrated by both men, Reva decides to go looking for Shayne.

Meanwhile, Dinah confronts Shayne who confesses that he was supposed to have cleared the field of the land mines that took Lara's life on the day he intended to propose marriage.

She suggests it was an accident but he's outraged and, pulling himself out of his wheelchair, insists he killed her.

As Shayne walks away muttering that it should have been him, Reva sees a man take the page about Lara and then make a phone call.

Shocked to realize that her daughter saw her kissing Coop, Beth offers Lizzie one excuse after another but Lizzie claims she makes her sick.

She points out that Coop was her first love and that they were engaged for a time. As they argue, Coop secretly watches.

After facing off with Alan about taking Lizzie to New York, Bill finds Lizzie's diary and reads a page or two. Alan interrupts Lizzie and Beth's fight but Lizzie opts not to tell him about her mother's betrayal.

While Coop is telling Beth that Alan's trip to New York is good for them, Bill advises Lizzie that he didn't sign the buyout document from Alan.

He asks her not to go to New York but she asks him not to be here when she returns. Later, Bill kidnaps Lizzie.

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