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Alan urges Buzz to stop caring about the barbecue. Buzz challenges Alan's complaints.

Josh is concerned when Buzz reveals that Reva dropped off her famous casserole because she won't be at the barbecue.

Later, Buzz is astounded when a deliveryman arrives with a new oven.

Josh presses Reva to go to the barbecue but she tells him to jump off a cliff. He eventually realizes that she's right to do what she wants with Colin and Hawk and admits he's going to miss her tomorrow.

As Phillip stares at his own gravestone, he gets a call from Frank about James being arrested for DUI.

Phillip confronts James through the bars of his jail cell and claims they can fix this. James gets his father to admit that he's not even angry over what he has done.

As Phillip comes close to making a connection with his son, Alan interrupts, boasting that he's made the charges against James disappear.

As Phillip complains to Beth, Alan decides to take James to the Caribbean tomorrow instead of the "pathetic little barbecue."

Natalia takes the home pregnancy test but before the results can show on the test strip, Emma interrupts.

Sensing incorrectly that she's afraid of Emma's reaction to their "coming out" party tomorrow, Olivia assures Natalia that her daughter will be fine.

Looking back at the test strip, Natalia later advises Blake that she is pregnant with Frank's child. Blake takes her to the hospital where a test determines she is a few months pregnant.

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