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People wonder who will officiate Bill and Lizzie's wedding. Doris arrives. Lillian and Buzz start kissing passionately. Daisy eyes them making out.

She is embarrassed when she's pushed to go be with a nearby James.

After Phillip admits he brought Alan as a gift to her, Lizzie thanks him and then welcomes Alan who assures his granddaughter that he only wants her to be happy.

Rafe spots Olivia and wonders to her if she's going to ruin this wedding too.

Impressed with how she put this wedding together on such short notice, Shayne congratulates Dinah.

Before the ceremony begins, Phillip reminds Lizzie how he feared she would never get to this point in her life after she was found to have leukemia.

Before the ceremony, Michelle joins Bill behind some bushes and jokes that it's his last chance with her. Later, Phillip walks a beaming Lizzie down the aisle and hands her to Bill.

After they are married, Billy boasts that the wedding is contagious and kisses a surprised Vanessa.

After the newlyweds hit the dance floor, Ashlee encourages everyone to join them. Mel agrees when Cyrus invites her to dance.

Tossing away Alan's drink, Alexandra takes her brother for a spin.

Bill takes a moment to thank everyone for making this happen. In the moment, Phillip kisses Beth.

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