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Phillip brings a smile to Lillian's face when he admits he kissed Beth. She encourages him to be with Beth. Showing Beth the house he's gonna buy for Lizzie and Bill, Phillip warns that her hopes may be for naught.

Remy confides to Cyrus that he only pretended to be drunk when he and Cristina tied the knot after Lizzie and Bill's wedding.

Mel advises her brother that she has arranged for the annulment papers which will once again end their marriage.

When Cristina learns what his sister has done, she suggests they hurry to sign the documents. After she runs out, Cyrus, Buzz and Frank urge Remy to forget about ending their marriage and sweep Cristina off her feet instead.

Remy stops Cristina as she signs the papers, confesses that he loves her and admits he's not afraid to be married.

Reva is encouraged when she meets a man at the airport who saw Jeffrey before he boarded the plane that disappeared.

However, he warns that Jeffrey bought a life insurance policy before he took off, calling his flight a dangerous one.

Later, the coast guard advises Reva they have found the wreckage of a small plane. Mallet accompanies Dinah as they follow clues in hopes of tracking down Edmund.

After they break into an empty hotel room, Mallet is not happy to see she has her own gun. She's surprised when he admits that he thought Marina might have killed Edmund.

Shayne panics when he realizes that an armed Dinah has gone looking for Edmund. He warns Marina about the gun but she responds that it wouldn't be a bad thing if Dinah were to find and kill Edmund.

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