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Reva starts sobbing while holding Colin. She tells him she can't go into the house knowing Jeffrey is gone. Josh offers to go inside and waits for her to calm down.

Catching her breath, Reva enters the room and finds Josh telling Colin how great his dad was and that he will help whenever he can.

Hearing her blame herself for Jeffrey being gone, Josh insists this is Edmund's fault. Later, Colin stops by to admire his namesake and manages to bring a smile to Reva's face.

Daisy is curious when she receives money to help pay for college and guesses it's from the same person who paid for the new stove at Company.

At Coop's grave, Buzz compares Jeffrey's death to the loss of his son. Cyrus reveals that Coop was working on a biography about Jenna.

James and Phillip laugh hysterically after they realize that, thanks to Alan's map skills, they've walked around the lake instead of to it.

Philip questions Alan about the canceled camping trip years ago and Alan explains it was always canceled because you never went against Brandon.

As they argue, James takes off in the car.

While Alan fears being abandoned, Phillip laughs that he's got exactly what he wanted. Alan defends all he did and insists that he loved him and was proud of him.

He states that he knows Phillip was the son he was meant to have.

After Remy warns Cyrus about the diamond investigation, he assures Frank that Cyrus had nothing to do with the theft but Frank wants to have a warrant issued. Olivia advises Josh that Ava is very upset about Jeffrey.

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