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Emma wants to stay home, but Olivia finishes packing and insists she'll love their adventure. Olivia asks where Natalia is.

Not believing Jonesy the bartender, Olivia ends up handcuffing herself to the bar, vowing not to leave until she finds Natalia.

Phillip confronts Alexandra about Alan's story regarding Brandon helping him avoid going to war.

She calls it the moment that defined her brother's life and shows him a canceled check sent to Gerald Pierce's family after he died in Vietnam.

Phillip guesses the soldier's baby is probably his age now. Upstairs, Alan opens a chest and finds the article about the soldier who died.

He returns downstairs and, seeing the check, calls it a publicity ploy, one he hasn't thought about in years. Philip points out it was anonymous so Alan calls it a tax shelter and rips up the check.

Bringing Colin over for a visit with Marina, Reva confides to her friend that she had to get out of the house and away from all the things that remind her of the life she was going to have with Jeffrey.

Ashlee advises Mallet that she is doing a documentary about Jeffrey the hero, telling him that whoever is to blame for his death ought to be punished.

An upset Mallet tells an officer to get rid of the damaged stroller.

After Olivia calls for help, Josh bails her out after she was arrested in Chicago. Shane advises Reva about Dinah's project.

Hearing from Ashlee that her shortened documentary will air every year because Jeffrey was a hero, Marina admits she wishes everyone could "move on."

Phillip decides to find Gerald's widow Joann Pierce who may be in New Jersey. When Phillip calls his trip an adventure to see old ballparks, Alan insists on accompanying him.

Mallet warns Marina that he knows she killed the phony Edmund. Shayne surprises Dinah when he asks her to marry him.

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