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Mallet warns that the Feds lost track of Dinah and Jeffrey in South America. Reva insists that her husband's plane did not crash.

Josh follows her back to the house where she refuses to let him inside because he won't believe that Jeffrey is still alive.

Mallet warns Shayne that if something happens to Dinah, this is "on him."

Shayne claims Mallet's search for Edmund's killer is what drove her away. Lillian pleads with Phillip to tell his children that he is dying.

Furious with her brother for punching Bill, Lizzie confronts James. When he vows to do it again if he calls him a kid, Lizzie announces that James is uninvited from the wedding.

Asking him to insure her wedding day is a happy one for Lizzie, Bill asks Phillip to keep his family under control.

Later, Phillip orders James to attend the wedding and also apologize to his sister.

Bill offers to postpone the wedding until they hear from Jeffrey and Dinah but Josh won't allow it and insists they all need something cheerful at this time.

Shayne is overwhelmed with emotion when Dinah returns. Though she insists Jeffrey is alive, he reports that Jeffrey's plane went down.

After Mallet and Marina hug her, she explains that she saw Jeffrey yesterday and he's now I the Caribbean. Lillian offers to stay with Reva and joins her in a bourbon.

Lizzie asks her father to make sure Alan isn't at her wedding. Dinah tells Reva that Jeffrey asked her to leave him because it was getting too dangerous.

Interrupting, Frank learns that a small plane did leave a Key West airport.

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