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While Josh suggests they continue with their wedding plans, Bill has second thoughts. He hears Dinah may have gone down in the plane with Jeffrey.

Holding back tears and vowing that Jeffrey is fine, Reva urges Shayne to take Dinah somewhere to show her how happy he is that she is back safely.

Reva tells Josh she's going to the Florida Keys but he thinks she should leave the searching to the professionals.

Instead, she invites him to accompany her. Later, Shayne advises Dinah that Edmund knew he was Henry's father and adds that Mallet also knows.

Running into Shayne at Company, Lizzie offers her sympathies and is shocked when he explains that Dinah wasn't on the plane.

Lizzie runs to update Bill who is relieved that he didn't tell Vanessa.

Bill and Lizzie then invite Dinah to their wedding tomorrow. After he warns that Reva wants to go to the Keys, Josh suggests that Shayne accompany her.

He explains that he's respecting Jeffrey's wishes that he stay away from Reva which impresses Shayne.

However, Shayne decides to stay in Springfield to protect the ones he loves.

Doris accompanies Olivia as she searches various retreats until she finds Natalia. Olivia gets into an argument with a nun at one retreat who won't let her inside to see if Natalia is there.

After screaming from outside for a chance to talk with her, Olivia decides that she should go back home for fear of embarrassing Natalia.

After eyeing the photo of the PVC pipe that is the supposed murder weapon, Mallet notices the broken plastic handle on his baby's stroller.

Reva's surprised to find Josh ready to take her to the airport.

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