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James tells Daisy that his father is going to make his troubles go away. She agrees to help him with his next project.

Finding her son by Gus' grave, Natalia is surprised to see Rafe has find him a job application from the police department.

Though he doesn't want to talk about it, she assures him that she's proud of him for following in Gus's footsteps and accompanies him to the station house for a job interview but waits outside for him.

Frank advises Rafe that because he has a felony record, he can't be a cop so an embarrassed Rafe opts not to be honest with his mother.

Phillip boasts to Beth that he will take responsibility for their son's misdeeds so that James can have a happy life.

Alan's disgusted when Billy talks about the uniting of their two families via Bill and Lizzie's nuptials.

After Vanessa warns him to leave Bill and Lizzie alone, Alan calls Phillip and demands a meeting. He boasts that James is the future of their family.

Lizzie asks Vanessa to be one of her bridesmaids.

When Olivia wonders aloud about Rafe's future, Doris guesses that she wants him "settled" so that she and Natalia can get on with their lives.

Doris hints that her daughter needs a job and then gives some advice.

Olivia offers Rafe a job as a dishwasher or security guard but he turns down the opportunities and complains about being denied a chance to be a cop. She urges him to tell his mother the truth.

Natalia asks Alan not to pull any strings for her son.

Dressing up for his scheme, James and Daisy wait for his first "mark" but Phillip finds them together.

Doris warns Bill and Lizzie about dumping Ashlee as their wedding planner.

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