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Natalia boasts of Rafe's recent charitable efforts. His parole officer advises them that Rafe is required to have a job.

Upset because he can't even get an interview, Rafe ends up at a bar trying to order a beer. Frank changes his order to a soft drink.

Natalia is relieved to find them together and overhears Frank encouraging the teen to have faith that he will find a job.

Admitting he feels guilty about bringing Edmund back to Springfield, Shayne asks his mother if she killed him and admits later that he didn't.

Jeffrey presses Dinah for her alibi for the time when Edmund was killed. When she refuses to tell him anything, he warns her that he'll come after her if she's trying to frame Reva.

Shayne finds Jeffrey pressing her and orders him to get out.

Jeffrey points out someone is trying to frame Reva but Shayne stands by her. Reva returns home to find two thugs throwing eggs at her house which now features the word "murderer" written on the front.

Showing off the latest hot romance novel, Blake invites Olivia to read it but Olivia claims she's never had a need for such books.

Later, when her car won't stop, Josh wanders by and offers his help. As passion flares, he leans in and kisses her passionately.

She responds but then decides not to accept a second kiss.

Finishing with Olivia, Josh accepts an offer from Jeffrey to go look at Edmund's body.

Armed with a court order, Jeffery brings Josh with him to examine Edmund's body only to learn that because of a mistake, he was cremated this morning. Reva com plains to Mallet about the graffiti.

Telling the office on duty she's doing a story on where the murder weapon is kept, Dinah sends him on his way and prepares to set the evidence shack on fire.

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