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Christina finds a diamond on the table in Remy's room. She tells Remy she thinks he wants to marry her again.

Remy gets down on one knee and proposes marriage.

He's secretly relieved when she turns him down but Christina's curious when Remy decides to sell the diamond rather than take it back to the jeweler.

After assuring Natasha he'll find the diamonds Edmund had, Cyrus asks Buzz about a job and Buzz is amused to tell him he'll have to ask Marina.

He does and Marina gives him a hard time before she hires him.

Josh tries to talk with Frank about Reva but the top cop explains that he can't discuss the murder case.

Meanwhile, Mallet realizes he must charge Reva with a crime in two hours or let her go free, a fact that Jeffrey explains to his wife.

Reva confides to Jeffrey that this is her fault because she lied to Mallet. Jeffrey points out she also lied to him but Reva insists she has to protect Shayne.

Shayne gives Mallet a hard time about the fact that he can't see his mother. Cyrus tries to chat with Frank about Edmund's murder but he won't talk.

Mallet advises Dinah that a judge is issuing a search warrant for Reva's place.

After Remy sells the diamond to an impressed Mr. Doyle, Frank tells Remy that a government spokesman from San Cristobel claims that Edmund stole the crown jewels to pay for his "lifestyle" and asks him to go find them.

Later, Remy calls his father and boasts that he has a plan to save the house. Armed with the search warrant, Mallet finds nothing in Jeffrey and Reva's house but does find a bloody PVC pipe in Reva's car.

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