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Lillian is thrilled to see Phillip at the hospital. That is, until he leaks that he's the "terminal" patient sent by Ed.

Phillip confirms that he has only three months to live, thanks to the infection that is running rampant through his body and asks her not to tell anyone.

Congratulating him on taking Rafe in, Olivia tells Frank that she's hoping there won't be any bitterness about the past or the future.

He wonders aloud if she's "right" for someone like Natalia.

He explains that he's not questioning the lesbian relationship but whether she's the right person.

Blake presses Natalia about her bouts of nausea and tries to find out if she had sex with Frank while they were dating.

Olivia interrupts and leaks that she left Phillip a message about telling Emma the truth about their relationship.

Natalia buys a home pregnancy test. Buzz is doubtful when Lizzie explains her desire to make all the food for the "do it yourself" wedding, starting with the wedding cake.

When Ashlee and Cristina ask if she's able to make the reception's centerpiece, Lizzie claims "it's a piece of cake."

Finding Philip wandering into Company, Lizzie insists he help them with the cake batter but then the five end up in a flour fight.

Assuring her father she doesn't care about the cake, Lizzie tells Phillip she wants to have this wedding to be fun.

Pushed by Alan, James entertains Spaulding board members at the Towers and is pleased to find Daisy working as a waitress.

After the meeting, the police give chase and catch James as he drives over the limit while drinking a beer.

Alan promises Blake that Lizzie's wedding will never happen. Told about the big revelation at the upcoming Bauer barbecue, Phillip offers Olivia her support where Emma is concerned.

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