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Mallet shows Jeffrey the PVC pipe stained with blood. Jeffrey insists neither he nor Reva saw it before.

When Josh calls, Jeffrey warns there is a problem and points out to Mallet how the finding of this evidence in Reva's car seems too convenient.

After Jeffery tells Reva about the pipe, she's charged with first degree murder and bail is set at a half million dollars.

As he takes her fingerprints, Reva tells Frank she didn't kill Edmund.

Jeffrey later shows with the bail money for his wife and takes her home. Lizzie's amused when Bill is so taken by the vision of her in a new dress that he wants to marry her tonight.

She reminds him that they have their engagement party tonight but he suggests that if Doris is in attendance, she can marry them.

Boasting of her efforts to photograph Bill and Lizzie and sell them to the tabloids, Ashlee pushes Daisy to go to the engagement party with her instead of doing "weird stuff" with James.

Phillip is curious when James boasts of the new investment fund he's starting.

When Beth tells Phillip that they should take away James' car to punish him, he points out that he'd just steal another and worries that their son needs extensive help.

Alan later advises Beth that James is very smart and urges her to stop underestimating him. Phillip is not pleased to hear James making more financial deals on his phone.

He interrupts and asks his son if he knows that he loves him. Phillip then makes a call.

Later at the party, Phillip makes a toast to the happy couple. As Bill announces that he wants to marry Lizzie tonight, the police arrive and place him under arrest as Phillip tells them that they should be arresting his son.

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