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Cyrus boasts that he's been hired by the police to find the missing diamonds. Phillip defends turning their son into the police.

Then Phillip visits his son behind bars and tries to explain what he did only to be interrupted by James who lashes out at him and claims he wants nothing to do with him.

Bill is next to see James who apologizes for using his name. Accepting his apology, Bill warns him never to hurt his sister again.

Greg Doyle calls Remy about wanting to buy more diamonds but Remy claims it was a one-time offer and asks him not to call again.

Clayton calls his son and promises to pay him back every penny he loaned him. Remy's not impressed when Frank hands Cyrus a list of potential suspects and he clears a couple of them.

Hearing him mention Doyle's name, Remy tries to throw him off the scent and then suggests they "split up" because Doyle won't talk with a cop.

Later, Doyle tells Cyrus about the rare diamond he just sold. He's frustrated he doesn't know the name of the person who sold it to him.

Cyrus overhears Christina talking about the diamond Remy had for her.

As Daisy blames herself for James' trouble, setting up the new investment scam, Buzz assures her that while the charges are serious ones, he points out he's a Spaulding and will be out in two days.

Clayton introduces himself to Phillip and admits that James fleeced him. Phillip offers to reimburse him but Clayton urges him to use a stronger hand with his son.

At his hearing, James promises he'll behave if he's granted bail but when Phillip hints that his promises mean nothing, the judge refuses to grant bail.

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