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Reva boasts to Jeffrey that she intends to take Colin out for a stroll. Rafe's not happy when Natalia insists that he come to church.

He refuses to go and instead, has a chat with Frank about his trouble adjusting to life outside prison.

Finding Mallet going over all the evidence at home, Marina's not happy to find the bloody PVC pipe on their kitchen table.

He agrees to keep murder weapons out of the house from now on if she'll convince Shayne and Reva to believe that he's still their friend, trying to help them.

Pressing Shayne for what's bothering him, Dinah gets him to admit that he wants to make sure that Mallet is the right man to help raise his son.

Dinah defends her friend and talks about how strong he was in Bosnia but Shayne guesses that she has a problem when it comes to talking about Mallet. Dinah counters that he's just stressed out about his mother.

When Shayne complains to Marina about what Mallet is doing to his mother, she responds that it's the evidence that is hurting Reva.

She suggests that it might be best if Reva confessed to killing Edmund in self defense. He's not pleased and guesses Mallet asked her to do this. Jeffrey asks for a leave of absence so he can help his wife.

He then checks Reva's car for fingerprints and reports back to Mallet about what he found. Mallet sates that the blood on the pipe does belong to Edmund.

Jeffrey responds that Reva's being framed so Mallet guesses Shayne and Josh are suspects too. Olivia surprises a pleased Natalia when she shows up to help make 2,000 cookies by tonight.

Encouraged by Frank, Rafe shows up to help too and later is congratulated by Frank.

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