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Buzz pushes him to come clean about losing his job, but Remy can't tell Christina. Marina worries to Frank about the hospital bills for Henry.

Hearing about her business plans and her shoestring budget, Marina invites Christina to have her daycare center at the house.

Emma tells Natalia that she misses having both of her mommies with her and aks if they can move back in with them.

Running into Buzz at the store, Natalia apologizes for hurting Frank.

Saying it's too soon for her to try to talk with his son, Buzz suggests that she give him another chance.

Instead, she asks him if she should have married Frank knowing that it wasn't going to work.

Pointing out he needs a shave, Doris tries to cheer up Frank so he asks her to help Rafe get a new hearing.

Doris tells Natalia what Frank did with the favor she owed him.

Alan warns Phillip that James should be sent to military school, adding that he should take charge of his children.

Meanwhile, James tells Mr. Pickering and others on the phone that he'll soon have the computer problem fixed so they can go back to making money.

James invites his father to get involved with a great investment opportunity.

Phillip guesses it's a Ponzi scheme and forces him to admit that he used Bill's name as an alias to set it up. Christina is thrilled when her grandmother shows at Company.

But when Loretta sees Buzz, she announces that she is back for her barbecue recipe which she claims Buzz stole from her.

Remy decides to ask his father for a loan but Clay admits he can't get to the money he invested in the Independence Fund International.

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