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Shayne dreams about Lara crying over their baby. She asks if he hurt his leg throwing Edmund off the bridge.

When Alan complains that James stole his most expensive antique car, he asks Phillip to stop indulging his son, and gives him until noon to find his car or he'll call the police.

Phillip sends Bill and Lizzie to Chicago to plan their wedding and tells his daughter that he and Beth had some great times together when they "got away."

James is smitten when Daisy emerges wearing the cute black dress they bought for his scheme.

Meeting Mr. Newton, James presses him to listen to him, rather than his boss, and leaks that Alan placed an order for 100,000 shares earlier, James boasts that it's the inside information he can supply him.

Newton's impressed to hear he's James Spaulding but tells him he would prefer to do business with his boss.

Daisy panics when Mr. Newton points out that Bill Lewis is James' boss. She runs out, warning him that he is harming people.

Passing Daisy in the elevator, Phillip advises his son that he saw Mr. Newton and guesses he was scamming him.

He fumes when he realizes that James did steal Alan's expensive car.

Daisy complains to Ashlee about James.

After getting confirmation that Mallet questioned Shayne about Edmund's murder, Dinah approaches the reinstated detective and offers Bill as her alibi.

He warns it's a weak one.

Sensing he's actually mourning Edmund because he was Lara's father, Marina offers to accompany Shayne to the memorial service.

Later, Dinah warns Shayne that Reva is Mallet's prime suspect. Phillip advises Alan that his car is back in the garage.

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