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On this episode of Halt and Catch Fire...

Cameron's work on the BIOS is destroyed.

Joe calls in a reporter to write a story about their PC project.

Gordon asks his wife, Donna, for help in retrieiving the potentially lost files. She does, but Joe warns her to use a fake name when interviewed by the reporter.

Donna discovers that Joe caused the BIOS to be destroyed, and he really just kept it somewhere else.

Donna tells Gordon but he doesn't seem to mind. She tells Joe, and he tells her Cameron needed the push.

Cameron has a meltdown, but she watches the Clark children while their parents try and fix the BIOS. She hears they've been making fun of her and she plans to go mess up their home. She doesn't.

Joe is pulled over by the cops and beaten up, presumbly under the direction of John.

Halt and Catch Fire
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