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On this episode of Halt and Catch Fire...

John reveals that Cardiff Electric will soon be out of money, hoping to get his boss to give up just a little more.

Joe wants a fresh design for the PC despite Gordon's claims that it will mess everything he worked on up.

Joe hires a former flame, Simon, to design the PC. At first Simon walks, but after an altercation with the second choice, Joe returns to Simon to ask for his help.

Simon admits that he loved Joe, but Joe says that his past, including their relationship, is over. Simon says he is sick but will do the design for Joe.

Cameron worries that Joe will get bored of her.

Donna goes on a business trip, kisses her boss, then rushes back home.

Gordon is left in charge of the kids, goes a little crazy, and digs a hole in the backyard looking for the "Giant."

Halt and Catch Fire
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