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On the series premiere of Halt and Catch Fire...

It's 1983 in Texas.

The suave and visionary Joe MacMillan, and former IBM employee, maneuvers his way into a tech job.

His real goal is to seek out Gordan Clark, an uninspired engineer, who can help him reverse engineer an IBM computer and innovate a new one of their own.

IBM catches wind of Joe and prepares to file suit against the company, who must now act like they've been planning to start their own personal computer all along.

Joe also recruits Cameron Howe, who he previously hooked up with, as the prodigy computer whiz who will help him and Gordan start the PC revolution.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing.


Build it. Whatever it is you’re dreaming of, build it. I know you can make it great.