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On the season finale of Halt and Catch Fire…

Joe signs the divorce papers. Sara signed earlier but didn’t tell Joe.

Cameron talks about moving to California and getting their own network.

Gordon reaches out to Joe and gives him the antidote to the Sonaris virus.

Joe attempts to get a job at another company, but they ridicule him over the West Group debacle.

West Group loses tons of money over that situation and Jacob Wheeler is bumped from his position.

Gordon admits he had an affair.

Donna comes up with an ultimatum: use all his money to pay to get their new network, move to California with the family, and join Mutiny.

John decides to return to Mutiny.

Cameron tries to convince Tom to rejoin Mutiny in California, but he doesn’t come.

Joe shows the company he tried to get a job at his antidote and reveals the next stage.

Joe tries to get Gordon to work with him on anti-virus software, but Gordon declines.

Joe finds success with his endeavor and sets up a new office overlooking the city, ready to get things started.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Donna: Why do you have a skull for a head?
Bodie: Because I can.

The real security is trusting no one.