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On this episode of Halt and Catch Fire…

Gordon reveals to Donna that Joe is his contact for the mainframes.

Joe reveals to Jacob what he’s been doing with the mainframes. Jacob wants to meet with Mutiny.

Donna tells Cameron about Joe and the mainframes, which angers her, but she goes to the meeting with Jacob.

Cameron meets Sara.

Joe signs papers trying to prove to Sara he’s not after her money, but she tells him they need to slow their relationship and that she’s going back to Austin, Texas.

Gordon learns that he has brain damage. It is incurable.

He tries to tell Donna, but doesn’t get to. He tries to find connections with others, even calling his brother, asking to visit.

Tom and Cameron sleep together. She initially believes he plans on seeing someone else after.

John learns Donna is pregnant.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

We had a deal, right, Joe? You’re gonna honor that agreement because you’re not the reptilian son of a bitch that everyone says you are. You’re a changed man.


This business is in my blood, and let me tell you, the revolution hasn’t even started yet.