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On this episode of Halt and Catch Fire…

Joe is offered a job from Sara’s father, Jacob.

Turns out it is data entry. Sara believes Jacob is testing Joe after her ex-husband got into business with her father and made some bad deals.

Joe accepts the challenge, even sending Jacob a gift.

Gordon uses his free time to do coke and play video games. He helps Mutiny out with their tank battle game, and even excitedly attempts to help with online user amounts.

Cameron and Donna have a meeting to get funding.

Cameron brings on John to the company. After some pranking, he eventually decides to leave and figure things out.

A hacker named Tom gets a job from Cameron.

Cameron and Donna continue to work on working together.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cameron: You think a couple of girls won’t sue your ass into the ground?
Tom: No. You won’t sue because then I’ll get mad and I won’t tell you how to make you game better.

Since I don’t have the job, can I not have the lecture as well?