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John is singing Karaoke, and he sounds just like Frank Sinatra. haha

Mutiny has a loft. They're celebrating having a working mainframe. John is trying to keep a reporter around. Donna and Gordon are working their arses off to get things working, and Gordon is functioning at a two. Donna is worried.

John introduces Cameron, but the reporter isn't impressed. Downstairs, Donna finds a cigarette put out in the wires, grabs it and the mainframe boots up.

Mutiny hit 100,000 users last week and John Bosworth is officially a grandfather.

The employees make fun of Donna's thank you to Gordon.

The headlines the next day? Mutiny no Challenge to the Online Crown.

Gordon is frustrated because Cameron is living with them and it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement.

An earthquake affects the entire family differently. Both kids take it differently, and Cameron is scared to death.

The graphics of Mutiny are hilarious. I don't think I had even heard of things like chatrooms in 1986.

Donna and Cameron are trying to think about what to make the next unused space of pixels in Community.

Gordon is in Mutiny's basement where each footstep above causes dirt to tumble down upon the mainframe. Ouch.

One of their coders, Ryan, discovered that their private chat is not private at all. Not only did hackers get into it, but he has transcripts of it all. Cameron is angry because it's her code he's sifting through and cutting apart, so she immediately nixes his ideas.

Joe calls to congratulate John, and John wonders how the hell he even go the number.

Donna and Gordon meet Diane, Jennifer's mother, when they go to school for a meeting about Joanie.

Cameron decides to give Ryan a raise. She's also meeting with someone on the chat.

Ryan is still trying to find a way to monitor the safety of the Mutiny customers, and is worried when he receives word about the raise.

Cameron gets in trouble when she meets her contact from the chat room. She talks about something she should never have seen – his grief about his son. She saw it in a private chat. He calls her out on it and she walks away.

Gordon goes to the fridge at Mutiny to get a coke and a beer, but ends up getting high with the guys instead.

Joe calls his son. He misses him, but hopes he didn't wake him. He was hoping to find out the name of his grandson. He doesn't want to miss a moment.

Gordon is telling the guys about Joe. When you're recognized by him, you feel like the most important person in the world, but that's when you get your throat slit.

Cameron lies to Donna about her meeting with the joystick guy.

Donna and Cameron wonder if transactional interactions are the next step in community. It definitely is, but will they take it?

Joe is in town for an "Are You Safe" seminar.

John gets home to a message from his son. They named their son Samuel John.

Joe says he's releasing the home version of his amazing protection software for nothing. It's absolutely free. In the crowd, Ryan looks skeptical.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Cameron: What's up, Squirt?
Haley: Family Circus still sucks.
Donna/Gordon: Language!

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Ryan: Oh, and I have to say it: something like this is way better for Mutiny than putting a bow tie on an avatar.