If Cameron thought her life was going to change for the better because she breathed life into Rover, she was wrong.

Joe is more determined than ever to make Comet a success.

Boz has already stepped away from the project. Cecil doesn't think much of being asked to leave. He thinks Donna asked too much of them since the beginning. In order for Rover to work now, they have to take it apart and rebuild it from the beginning so it's proprietary.

He has to say he's burned out and time to move on. Donna is really quite gracious, all things considered, but intends for it to happen right now.

It's Hayley's birthday. Gordon has rockets. She wants to go right now. With Katie.

Donna suggests they make a play for Bobby Ehrin. Microsoft wants him, too, but Donna says THEY're the big shots.

Cameron's property comes in handy for things like rocket launches. As for the woman? She has no desire to code anymore. So she says.

Nothing Cameron says gets Joe down. Cameron, though, is rolling her eyes at every turn.

When reading her email, she's taken to a website in her honor called the Howe of it All. It features work of hers she barely even remembers, such as drawings.

At Comet, Joe is filming the team. What's the first thing people think of when they hear the word "Internet"? Katie says computer, but all the males say "porn." Joe gets a little frustrated.

Donna calls to cancel her dinner with Gordon. She got a call from Hayley's counselor. Her grades are falling. Gordon is shocked, but he's also the one who has to talk to her.

Joe has a daughter crush on Hayley.

Bobbie Ehrin already accepted the Microsoft offer, but he kept the appointment with Donna because of how much Mutiny once meant to him. After she gives her impassioned speech about how she's trying to recreate Community with the entire Internet, Bobby decides to jump the Microsoft ship and board Rover.

She wakes up in his place, a bit embarrassed.

She tells him in the morning he doesn't have to take the job.

When Diane asks John to marry her, he reveals the financial mistake he made and the one with the Rover intellectual property. Nothing in her marriage was what she believed.

The conversation between Gordon and Hayley doesn't go well.

Diane wants to pay Cameron whatever she wants for the algorithm and be done with it. Donna can't because of her relationship with Cam. Diane demands it be done, at which point Donna will be relieved of her responsibilities with Rover and Tripp will take over. Cam fucked everybody over.

Some chick offers Cameron a place to work doing whatever the hell she wants. I don't really understand.

Joe shares with Gordon how Hayley is a little like him, how he would have given anything to for a place like Comet. Gordon goes off on Joe and suggests his parenting style is perfect and Joe's perceptions are why he's not a parent and never will be.

Joe doesn't put up an argument. Merely says, you're right, and walks away.

The next day, Donna is drunk when the girls get home. Joanie recognizes something is wrong.

Joe has a note from Cam. She went to the airstream. Boz calls looking for Cameron.

They're such a fucked up group, and the realization Joe is the most put together is rather startling.

Joe visits Boz for a beer. He admits he wants kids.

Donna is singing Pat Benatar in her car, drunk while driving. I'm very worried for her. She's being pulled over. The only good thing is laws were still relatively easy on people with DUIs at the time.

Donna walks out of the police station to a waiting Gordon.

Donna doesn't think she knows who she is anymore, but Gordon assures her she's the same person she has always been. She cries.

The next day, she goes to see Cameron in the airstream. Cameron doesn't want the payment. She signs on the dotted line. Donna says she won't tell Joe. Cameron says he already knows. Cameron wonders if Donna is OK, but MCI pulls up breaking any possibility of a reconnection.


Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

It's amazing, isn't it. One day Hayley's four and building a fort out of sofa cushions and the next she's telling Kids in the Hall jokes. It's just... It's so cool.


OK then. The next time I get in trouble, remember it's because I'm being brave.