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We're revisiting what happened between Tom and Cameron. She told Tom there was no loving Joe. He's empty and becomes whatever circumstance life needs him to be.

Gordon pounds on Joe's door looking for Joe only to learn Joe's at the office and Cameron is at his place.

While Gordon is screaming at Joe about he and Cam being two oncoming trains filled with dynamite, Joe notices what Hayley did with his post its.

Cameron and Joe are living together. She makes him breakfast. Joe notes they're putting the closing notes on the sale.

The two are agruing, but they're also doing it well while kissing.

Tripp is in Donna's office playing an electric guitar he was sent by a company wanting his business. Suddenly he's interested in a browser play.

Joe and Gordon are selling the business. They sold high and they're saying goodbye, again.

Hayley is their 11 o'clock appointment. He wants to buy from her what she did with his notes. Joe offers $20,000, sending Gordon through the roof. He though she'd get a gift certificate to blockbuster. Inside the conference room, she's playing the "I'm crushing your head" game. She wants to work on the project, not receive money.

Donna can't be moved by the "moving and shaking" of Skipp.

Donna notices a Future of Internet Gaming conference and steps inside. During the question and answer section, Donna and Cameron air their gripes. On her way out, Donna notices Skipp.

Joe wants to go speluncking now that he has the time to do it. While they're all there talking about it, someone sends Hayley another link to add. Smoothoot. Or Smuthut to the rest of us!

Diane is not pleased with Donna's behavior nor how she's blaming Tripp for holding her back. She's making her team members cry.

Atari delivers more bad news to Cam. Someone got their hands on her game and wrote a review. It wasn't complimentary. Cam admits she was the one who gave them the game.

Gordon wants Joe to take Comet and run. Joe is enjoying working with his family, but Gordon thinks he's pushing Hayley too hard. Gordon doesn't think Hayley is ready for it. She overhears the conversation, so we'll soon learn how she really feels.

Tripp sends to Donna a copy of the magazine with Cam's article.

Donna invites the team over for a morale dinner. Joanie shows up and threatens to make things even more awkward.

The possibility is she's going to reveal her family is working on the same project.

Donna sticks her foot into her mouth when she forces shots on everyone who isn't pregnant. As if the crying girl wasn't already hating on Donna.

Donna had something nice to say relevant to her family. Kiss that family every chance you get. It even made Joanie cry.

Gordon finds Cameron playing DOOM. They start playing a death match. She hates dying. A lot. But she always dies.

Cameron is feeling good about her divorce, but agrees DOOM is pretty catharctic.

Cameron tries to help Gordon understand why he should consider working with Hayley on Comet. It's pretty cool.

The box Tom sent to Cameron falls out of her trunk and onto the road. Before she can get it, a truck smashes it to smithereens.

Gordon asks Hayley if she wants to work with Joe. And if so, then it's fun first and her opinions matter. It's midnight, but she crawls right out of bed.

While Donna gives her latest update in a meeting, Tripp flags Comet. Donna talks with Gordon. She wants to buy it. There is an argument over it, especially when Gordon says it's Hayley's and Donna lies in response. "It's got the weight of the firm behind it, it's got momentum and she couldn't stop it if she tried." Bullshit.

Joe wakes up to noise outside. Cameron is throwing boxes into the dumpster. What's she doing? She's unpacking.

Halt and Catch Fire
Episode Number:

Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I know it doesn't feel like it now, but this is the start of something.


Joe: Hey, I have a present for you.
Cameron: Do you?
Joe: For your video games.
Cameron [takes the gift]: Oh. That's...passive aggressive.
Joe: Really? Is it? Because I was aiming for blunt, compromising clarity.
Cameron: You missed the mark.
Joe: You're loud. Everything you do is loud. And messy. You're messy.