Meeting Friends
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Sophie is texting when her mother yells for her to come out because her family is going to Morocco.

Hanna is locked up while agents bag up her belongings. She's required to undress and gets a shower which she never experienced before.

Afterward, she's locked in a room and is questioned but she's too focused on eating. She finally starts talking and asks to speak to Marissa.

Sophie is enjoying a beach day in Morocco.

Marissa speaks with Hanna, but it's a decoy. They also feed her lies. The real Marissa realizes she's faking, but it's too late. She kills the decoy and escapes.

Sophie and her family are stuck in the desert with a flat tire. Sophie gets frustrated and starts walking. She gets lost with no cell phone service.

Hanna is running and sheds the military clothes in the desert.

Sophie finds Hanna and asks for help. Sophie and Hanna start walking.

Marissa arrives at her boyfriend's house. Benoit cooks dinner while Marissa gets a document out of the floor.

Sophie's parents find Sophie. Hanna goes along with them. She provides pat answers to questions all rehearsed during her training.

Marissa goes to a strip club to meet with someone. She tells him about Heller and about Hanna's escape.

Sophie's family arrives in a Moroccan village and drop Hanna off. Sophie is sad when she leaves.

The family decides to go home. Sophie sneaks Hanna in the car on the ferry. Later, she meets up with Hanna in a store as Hanna tries on sunglasses.

The two start having fun on the boat taking pics and more. Both lonely souls looking for a way to fill the void. Hanna also learns she's going to Paris.

Sophie arrives at the landing side with Hanna. Her dad isn't thrilled about Hanna being alone. Finally, after a discussion with the mother, they agree to give her a lift.

While they're waiting, Jacobs watches. He grabs the surveillance tape and realizes it might be their quarry.

Sophie and Hanna are becoming quite good friends.

Hanna gets off a postcard to her father. 

Erik is alive and in Germany.

Marissa arrives at Sarah's house to tell her Erik might be coming home.

Sara denies any contact from Erik and reminds her about what he did to Johanna and how dangerous he is.

Erik is at the seashore taking a bath.

Hanna is staying at a hotel with Sophie and her family. They're watching TV and then Sophie dolls Hanna up with makeup. They end up at a club.

Hanna takes a shot of alcohol and becomes a free and wild girl.

Jacobs finds Sophie's hotel. Her brother is sleeping but Jacobs takes Hanna's sack and looks through it for clues.

Hanna and Sophie meet a couple of guys. Hanna has no idea how to make out, but she's trying to fit in.

After they leave, Hanna tells Sophie what's happening and that she's going to Berlin to meet her father.

Hanna gives Sophie the DNA sheet and Sophie gives Hanna a ring to remember her by.

Marissa is on the scene in Germany where people have been murdered. She thinks it's Erik. He goes to a hotel and finds the postcard from Hanna.

Hanna is being tracked and Marissa orders her agents to take Hanna at the train station. Sophie walks her to the platform. Hanna doesn't want to leave and even though Sophie asks her to stay, Hanna declines. She gives Hanna her address.

As they hug goodbye, Hanna sees people are tracking her. She pushes Sophie away. Some men approach her and she takes them down all the while Sophie watches.

Hanna is kicking ass. She's about to shoot a guy but Sophie screams to prevent her from pulling the trigger. 

Hanna takes off and starts running again, catching a ride on the back of a train.




















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Hanna Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

i just wanted us to do something exciting together. That's all.

Sophie's Mom

Hanna: Why are you here?
Sophie: I was on holiday with my stupid parents and I went for a walk and now I don't know where I am.